Monday, December 5, 2011

Self Forgiveness on Self as Money Personality

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be turned into a money personality that constantly compares how much money it has, to how much money others have, and to get jealous of the money others have when they are getting more than me – and to then participate in the system simply from the starting point of complete acceptance of it, just to get more money – I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist in form as my parents who, in accepting myself and my life to only ever be able to exist as it is right now in the system defined by money and survival, support my child to become another money personality that develops comparison, jealousy, envy, competition, frustration all around the point of money – just as I did, and to not question the obvious evil of a world that forced me to have to care only about money before anything else

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have, by the time I got my first job, already defined myself completely as a personality of wants and desires for entertainment and happiness through things bought with money, and to thus have already set myself up to participate in comparison, jealousy, envy, blame, frustration when the system did not instantly provide me with enough money to be able to do what I wanted to do – and I forgive myself that I did not understand and see that my personality of wants and desires for entertainment and happiness was conditioned / programmed through environmental influences such as seeing what other people have / advertisements / movies / television which all function according to the money system based entirely on inequality to facilitate some to make a profit to have a nice life while the rest are slaves – a system within which one’s survival and life and even basic comforts is something that must be bought / attained to through getting money, and where one must start out at the bottom with virtually nothing, to then be motivated by desire, greed, need and desperation to accept and participate in the capitalistic / consumer system of inequality through developing patterns of jealousy, comparison, envy, competition, frustration – all patterns that I accepted and allowed myself to create within and as myself through first seeing and experiencing my own life as a limited experience of lack / worrying about money / wanting and desiring money / wanting and desiring things to make my life more entertaining while comparing myself to others, seeing others have more money and are thus experiencing a more ‘fun and entertaining and happy and secure life’

Friday, May 13, 2011

50 million americans in poverty - is job creation the solution?

Food Banks.

Food banks are 'deposits' of food accumulated through donation. These 'food banks' are made available to people who cannot afford food.

I find it effective to look at things in a very simplistic way. For example the necessity for people to donate food through food banks, to other people who cannot afford food, reveals one simple point. The one simple point is that obviously those who cannot afford food cannot afford it because they do not have enough money.

And how does one earn money in this system? Through some type of job, employment, providing labor or some product or service to another human being or a company or a corporation or a client.

Now the fact that there are 50 million people in America living in poverty where within their life food is an 'insecurity', where there are nearly 17 million children experiencing hunger, and the fact that food donations through 'food banks' is such a well established, 'regular' ongoing thing in this world and that food banks is seen to be an 'acceptable way' to deal with the problem, indicates that a simple point is being missed or simply ignored by those in charge at a governmental level.
Why do I imply that food banks is an unacceptable way to deal with the problem of poverty and hunger?

Because it is unnecessary. Food banks are only required because the real problem is not being addressed. Because within this system, the problem of poverty is not that the people can't get food -- it's that they can't get access to MONEY with which to buy food. So, in the simplicity of Common Sense within considering what best benefits everyone, the solution would be to give everyone Equal Money, to just go ahead and make the decision to completely do away with the entire current system and change it to one based in Equality of support for all.

However, the proposed 'solution' to poverty and hunger in the United States, that we hear our political 'leaders' talk about on television goes a little something like this: "We need to create more jobs".
But this is obviously not acknowledging the obvious faultiness of the system itself, in which it continues to be possible for poverty and hunger to exist alongside people with billions of dollars - more than enough money to feed the entire world.
The solution is not 'job creation'. Because the entire foundational principle of our capitalist system that those jobs are based on, is in itself not accounting for what is best for all. And that is really the people participating within accepting the principles upon which our system is based, who are themselves not accounting for what is best for all.

So, again a point of simplicity within Common Sense that one can apply within listening to the words of our 'leaders' as they tell us about their proposed 'solutions', is to simply hear the words they are using, and to begin noticing how their words always reflect an acceptance of the current system as being 'the only way there is' for us to exist in this world.
When the president talks about 'creating new jobs' as the so called 'solution' to poverty and hunger, there is never any mention of 'doing what is best for all', 'loving they neighbor as yourself', 'doing unto others as we would like done unto us'.
The 'solutions' are always based in an acceptance of the existence of 'finding a way to survive and get by', and then within that merely 'helping people' survive.

What is not seen and understood is that we do not have to have a system in which one must 'find ways to survive'. We can have a system in which 'job creation' is never an issue, and in which no one EVER goes without what they need. Such a system should be demanded by anyone in a position of influence within this world. Those in a position of influence are those of us with money. Which is those of us who are able to make our voice heard in expression of the unacceptable nature of the way we currently allow ourselves to exist.

Investigate Equal Money to learn about a practical solution that in fact ends poverty and hunger for good.

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Photographing the Beauty in Poverty?

Today I stumbled upon this photo gallery / blog called : 35 Excellent Photos To Express The Poverty

Within this photo blog / gallery the message given by the author / photographer is that the 'beauty of mankind' can be seen within such photos as defined by the author as the 'soul of humans beings' and the 'strong desire to live within their miserable circumstance'.

This is quite delusional and does not show a consideration or understanding as to why people exist in poverty, and is actually justifying its existence through apparently finding so-called 'beauty' within it through photography, and then convincing oneself that since 'I as the photographer am able to capture and show this beauty to others, at least the suffering and misery of the poor people has some purpose and reason, and therefore I as the photographer feel as if I also have a purpose and reason, as I am here to convey and show this apparent 'beauty' I am seeing'.
But this 'beauty' of the so called 'soul and strong desire to live' of the human being within poverty, is not actually in fact there. It is just ideas projected onto the 'poor people' by the author, that show that the author is merely making observations through the mind as ideas, values, definitions reflecting a personality which has been shaped by an environment in which daily misery because of lack of money is not what is being experienced.

'Beauty' is just a feeling the person is creating in themselves through the definitions as value they have placed within something.

What is disturbing is that the author put forth a message of 'seeing the beauty in poverty', rather than that the existence of poverty is absolutely unacceptable and that a solution must be implemented as the absolute priority.
The 'message of beauty' rather than the demand and insistance that a solution to poverty be implemented in the world as the priority, shows how the human being has simply accepted the existence of poverty to be 'just part of the world', and does not actually see it as something that is able to be stopped. The consideration does not really exist. The message of 'finding the beauty in poverty' shows how the human being is currently living not within considering how best we can all take responsibility for our world to change the way we are living in a way that is best for all, but rather is living within being constantly pre occupied with ones interests and feelings and thoughts of personality which one pursues through the attainment and use of Money.
As we are busy using money to build and participate in our lives as personalities who become artists, musicians, photographers, authors, bloggers, etc, we are only ever observing everyone else, observing the world around us from within what we perceive to be 'our own world' within which our only responsibility is our own survival and interests.

It is time to recognize that as long as humanity exists within such separation and lack of taking responsibility for our world --- things will continue to get worse.

However, there is a solution for those that dare to stop being mere observers seeing the world and each other through the eyes of self interest and self preservation as one's 'lifestyle', and have the will to uncover the real causes of misery and suffering in this world, and stand and begin walking the Real Solutions.

The Self Application as Desteni I Process:

The Equal Money System:

Friday, May 6, 2011

Poverty will end with Equal Money - Join the forum

"We had all accepted that poverty as a way of life and nothing can be done about it,this was all
a Lie for continuation of a system of abuse , where others want it all for themselves regardless of every other form of life, equal money, equal life foundation is HERE"
- Joseph Ndungu - Convenor for research on the book: Poverty will end with Equal Money

Join the Equal Money forum if you dare to participate in research to support in bringing about a real solution in this world.

Placing Poverty in the Factual Context

We've seen pictures like this. There are thousands of them available on the internet.
What are these pictures showing us? They are giving us a look at the kind of circumstance one ends up in when one does not have access to money. The equation that creates this circumstance is really very simple and does not require a lengthy discussion. The point is that the economic system that determines who has access to what, is allowing people to go without what they need because it does not equate anything or anyone that does not either already have money, or that can be used to make money. People existing in poverty are not able to get money. It is not a mystery and does not require a great intellectual debate. And it does not matter whether you are looking at poverty in india, mexico, africa or the united states -- the key component in every scenario of poverty, is that money is not accessible. What is required is to look at the simple physical facts of the matter. Now, many will at this point bring in an argument that sounds something like this: 
'well if they would just get an education or get a job or start a farm or think positively then they could stop being poor'. 
The problem with this 'argument' is that it looks at the human being with an idea and assumption that every human being is just 'automatically and universally' capable of becoming a successful participant in capitalism.

This is simply not correct. What this argument does not take into account is how the human being's entire   personality, education, practical and social skills, are shaped from the very beginning by the points of environmental influence as input that the person is exposed to within their particular circumstance of birth and upbringing. What is not taken into account is that, if one does not from a young age receive effective support in learning practical interpersonal and information processing skills, and receive proper direction in becoming well versed in all the vocabulary of how the system-as-money-making-business works, and if one does not from a young age have access to the 'culture' that is built with money and requires money to participate in, then one will have a very limited ability to be of 'money-making-value' to someone else. When you are not able to do something that other human beings value enough to want to give you their money, then you will have a problem.
In the case where the person was brought up in a rural area in an environment where the only practical option for making money to survive is for example fishing or farming - anything where you are 'living off the land' -- and then some factor changes in the environment, which causes fishing or farming to no longer be possible - whether a change in climate, or some new government regulation - then that person is left to try and survive with essentially no way to participate in the system of 'money making'. In this case, most are faced with very limited 'choices' that they would not prefer to have to participate in, but which are in fact the most practical course of action to take to ensure their continued survival and existence. 
A good example of this scenario is given in this video by Sunette Spies:
Now, most people will look at these photos and say: oh, that country's economy is still developing. As if by saying this, somehow no one is responsible for the existence of poverty, because it is a 'natural part of the development of an economy'. 
And this then apparently makes it 'okay' for those of us in 'developed' countries to just 'carry on' with our lives, and 'let that other country develop'. 
Now, it needs to be understood that this is called Spitefulness.
This is where one looks at the circumstance of another, recognizes that it is not something that you yourself would want to experience, and in fact knows why that circumstance exists and how it could be stopped, but in spite of seeing the plight of another, finds a 'reason' that apparently justifies 'leaving them to their experience' without any further consideration, because according to our idea of the world that we've accepted, 'we are only responsible for our own personal survival and occupations' in 'my country', in 'my city', in 'my town', in 'my neighborhood', in 'my house', in 'my relationships', in 'my interests', in 'my mind',  and should just be thankful for what 'I have' and 'hope for the best' for everyone else that I see is less 'fortunate' than me. Thus, everyone's life is actually tainted with the awareness that many are suffering while we are busy 'living our more fortunate lives' -- and this tends to cause guilt where people will then create charities and causes to 'alleviate' suffering, but it needs to be recognized that these 'causes' DO NOT solve the problem. Being satisfied to merely 'alleviate' poverty 'here and there', depending on a few people's 'generosity' -- is obviously NOT the solution to poverty.

The Equal Money System is based on taking Responsibility to Live our Actual capacity for generosity, our actual capacity to Give to Each Other what we would like for Ourselves. Instead of the current system which is is an unnecessary game of survival where the being is 'thrown into' the world to fend for themselves without any consideration of the fact that one's 'choices in life' will be determined solely by the amount of money one has access to at any given moment.

I have money and access to the internet and so I am taking this opportunity to post images of poverty on this blog, taking responsibility to place them into factual context as depictions of what is created through the way we currently accept and use money in this world collectively as the creators and participants of our various economic systems.

Investigate Equal Money to understand how poverty can be eliminated virtually overnight. Time to stop the spitefulness of each other we have accepted of ourselves for as long as we've been here in this world as it exists. Time to realize that we've been taught to not investigate the actual cause and origin point of the circumstances that exist in this world, because as soon as you start to investigate with common sense, you find that the origin and cause of all circumstances one is able to be born into on Earth is MONEY. 

and thus exist in delusion. Are you willing to continue within a delusional existence of spitefulness when the world could be so much more if we would just take Responsibility? I am not willing to exist in delusion and I would like to be able to switch places with any being on Earth and not find myself in a moment of suffering and pain that is not necessary to exist.

Desteni I Process assists in developing effective skills in investigating and understanding how we are creating the world and how we can start creating a new world that is Best For All.