Sunday, May 8, 2011

Photographing the Beauty in Poverty?

Today I stumbled upon this photo gallery / blog called : 35 Excellent Photos To Express The Poverty

Within this photo blog / gallery the message given by the author / photographer is that the 'beauty of mankind' can be seen within such photos as defined by the author as the 'soul of humans beings' and the 'strong desire to live within their miserable circumstance'.

This is quite delusional and does not show a consideration or understanding as to why people exist in poverty, and is actually justifying its existence through apparently finding so-called 'beauty' within it through photography, and then convincing oneself that since 'I as the photographer am able to capture and show this beauty to others, at least the suffering and misery of the poor people has some purpose and reason, and therefore I as the photographer feel as if I also have a purpose and reason, as I am here to convey and show this apparent 'beauty' I am seeing'.
But this 'beauty' of the so called 'soul and strong desire to live' of the human being within poverty, is not actually in fact there. It is just ideas projected onto the 'poor people' by the author, that show that the author is merely making observations through the mind as ideas, values, definitions reflecting a personality which has been shaped by an environment in which daily misery because of lack of money is not what is being experienced.

'Beauty' is just a feeling the person is creating in themselves through the definitions as value they have placed within something.

What is disturbing is that the author put forth a message of 'seeing the beauty in poverty', rather than that the existence of poverty is absolutely unacceptable and that a solution must be implemented as the absolute priority.
The 'message of beauty' rather than the demand and insistance that a solution to poverty be implemented in the world as the priority, shows how the human being has simply accepted the existence of poverty to be 'just part of the world', and does not actually see it as something that is able to be stopped. The consideration does not really exist. The message of 'finding the beauty in poverty' shows how the human being is currently living not within considering how best we can all take responsibility for our world to change the way we are living in a way that is best for all, but rather is living within being constantly pre occupied with ones interests and feelings and thoughts of personality which one pursues through the attainment and use of Money.
As we are busy using money to build and participate in our lives as personalities who become artists, musicians, photographers, authors, bloggers, etc, we are only ever observing everyone else, observing the world around us from within what we perceive to be 'our own world' within which our only responsibility is our own survival and interests.

It is time to recognize that as long as humanity exists within such separation and lack of taking responsibility for our world --- things will continue to get worse.

However, there is a solution for those that dare to stop being mere observers seeing the world and each other through the eyes of self interest and self preservation as one's 'lifestyle', and have the will to uncover the real causes of misery and suffering in this world, and stand and begin walking the Real Solutions.

The Self Application as Desteni I Process:

The Equal Money System:


  1. Yes, in the past when seeing pictures like these, I used to think they (the poor) might even have a 'better' life than we here in the rich world - because they seemed to be more happy; like in laughing and 'having each other' (versus our highly individualized society). That's what pictures like these are showing. Abusive pictures they are in essence - because of the message. Thanks for pointing out, Matti.