Friday, May 6, 2011

Placing Poverty in the Factual Context

We've seen pictures like this. There are thousands of them available on the internet.
What are these pictures showing us? They are giving us a look at the kind of circumstance one ends up in when one does not have access to money. The equation that creates this circumstance is really very simple and does not require a lengthy discussion. The point is that the economic system that determines who has access to what, is allowing people to go without what they need because it does not equate anything or anyone that does not either already have money, or that can be used to make money. People existing in poverty are not able to get money. It is not a mystery and does not require a great intellectual debate. And it does not matter whether you are looking at poverty in india, mexico, africa or the united states -- the key component in every scenario of poverty, is that money is not accessible. What is required is to look at the simple physical facts of the matter. Now, many will at this point bring in an argument that sounds something like this: 
'well if they would just get an education or get a job or start a farm or think positively then they could stop being poor'. 
The problem with this 'argument' is that it looks at the human being with an idea and assumption that every human being is just 'automatically and universally' capable of becoming a successful participant in capitalism.

This is simply not correct. What this argument does not take into account is how the human being's entire   personality, education, practical and social skills, are shaped from the very beginning by the points of environmental influence as input that the person is exposed to within their particular circumstance of birth and upbringing. What is not taken into account is that, if one does not from a young age receive effective support in learning practical interpersonal and information processing skills, and receive proper direction in becoming well versed in all the vocabulary of how the system-as-money-making-business works, and if one does not from a young age have access to the 'culture' that is built with money and requires money to participate in, then one will have a very limited ability to be of 'money-making-value' to someone else. When you are not able to do something that other human beings value enough to want to give you their money, then you will have a problem.
In the case where the person was brought up in a rural area in an environment where the only practical option for making money to survive is for example fishing or farming - anything where you are 'living off the land' -- and then some factor changes in the environment, which causes fishing or farming to no longer be possible - whether a change in climate, or some new government regulation - then that person is left to try and survive with essentially no way to participate in the system of 'money making'. In this case, most are faced with very limited 'choices' that they would not prefer to have to participate in, but which are in fact the most practical course of action to take to ensure their continued survival and existence. 
A good example of this scenario is given in this video by Sunette Spies:
Now, most people will look at these photos and say: oh, that country's economy is still developing. As if by saying this, somehow no one is responsible for the existence of poverty, because it is a 'natural part of the development of an economy'. 
And this then apparently makes it 'okay' for those of us in 'developed' countries to just 'carry on' with our lives, and 'let that other country develop'. 
Now, it needs to be understood that this is called Spitefulness.
This is where one looks at the circumstance of another, recognizes that it is not something that you yourself would want to experience, and in fact knows why that circumstance exists and how it could be stopped, but in spite of seeing the plight of another, finds a 'reason' that apparently justifies 'leaving them to their experience' without any further consideration, because according to our idea of the world that we've accepted, 'we are only responsible for our own personal survival and occupations' in 'my country', in 'my city', in 'my town', in 'my neighborhood', in 'my house', in 'my relationships', in 'my interests', in 'my mind',  and should just be thankful for what 'I have' and 'hope for the best' for everyone else that I see is less 'fortunate' than me. Thus, everyone's life is actually tainted with the awareness that many are suffering while we are busy 'living our more fortunate lives' -- and this tends to cause guilt where people will then create charities and causes to 'alleviate' suffering, but it needs to be recognized that these 'causes' DO NOT solve the problem. Being satisfied to merely 'alleviate' poverty 'here and there', depending on a few people's 'generosity' -- is obviously NOT the solution to poverty.

The Equal Money System is based on taking Responsibility to Live our Actual capacity for generosity, our actual capacity to Give to Each Other what we would like for Ourselves. Instead of the current system which is is an unnecessary game of survival where the being is 'thrown into' the world to fend for themselves without any consideration of the fact that one's 'choices in life' will be determined solely by the amount of money one has access to at any given moment.

I have money and access to the internet and so I am taking this opportunity to post images of poverty on this blog, taking responsibility to place them into factual context as depictions of what is created through the way we currently accept and use money in this world collectively as the creators and participants of our various economic systems.

Investigate Equal Money to understand how poverty can be eliminated virtually overnight. Time to stop the spitefulness of each other we have accepted of ourselves for as long as we've been here in this world as it exists. Time to realize that we've been taught to not investigate the actual cause and origin point of the circumstances that exist in this world, because as soon as you start to investigate with common sense, you find that the origin and cause of all circumstances one is able to be born into on Earth is MONEY. 

and thus exist in delusion. Are you willing to continue within a delusional existence of spitefulness when the world could be so much more if we would just take Responsibility? I am not willing to exist in delusion and I would like to be able to switch places with any being on Earth and not find myself in a moment of suffering and pain that is not necessary to exist.

Desteni I Process assists in developing effective skills in investigating and understanding how we are creating the world and how we can start creating a new world that is Best For All.

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